Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Our father's first death anniversary

It was this day last year when I received the message about my father's passage from this material world to the ethereal world. We (my mother, myself, my brother and sister) learnt in our own way to deal with our grief and cope with his loss. We all were left with two choices - either remember him with tears or smile on our happy memories!  Our mother has shown amazing strength in making us see the bigger picture and always usher us into a happy and peaceful place.

It was like predestined when we all had a family reunion in December 2014, four months earlier to his passing. My parents enjoyed the company of all their children alongwith their families. With everybody literally spread out across the globe, we felt lucky to have spent quality time with our parents.

My father's loss has taught us the bigger meaning of life. Be in the present and enjoy the moment! At the end, we leave everything here in this world. So, do we want to reach the end with peace and happiness or with negative feelings of any kind? During this one year, we have continued to remove negative feelings from our heart and mind and make more room for only positive energy. The more positive is our mind, the stronger we are to face anything in life. Like our bank balance, we yearn for more credits(happiness) than debits(sorrows).

The date is just a mere time tracker,  but we remember our father every day of our life. Dates and times may fade but memories never fade. The memories are what makes our lives worthwhile. When you flashback and scour for happy moments, you'd be surprised at the limitless numbers.

We pray for his peaceful soul and urge all of you to send happy waves to the cosmos!

We all love you daddy, wishing for your happiness wherever you are in the Universe!

Some of the many happy moments together!

December 2014
When the whole family was together

With all the daughters of the family

2nd March 2006

June 2004 in Kashmir