Friday, May 30, 2014

Geological paradise - Crater Lake

I am out of hibernation after my visit to Crater Lake and decided to blog my experiences for it deserves one.

We chose the Memorial Day weekend and planned our trip to Crater Lake. We read all about its formation and its biological activity below the lake, but it was an altogether different experience when we reached there. It will take your breath away for sure and you just will not want to leave the place. Below I have pasted photos of its formation and photos of the lake on 26th May 2014!

We had stayed in Eugene and then next day morning left for Crater lake which is 3 hours drive from there with breaks. There were viewpoints on the way and if you halt at each view point area then it may take you longer. Our route was from freeway 58 then to US97 and then freeway 138 to the North entrance. If you continue on US97 it will lead you to the South entrance. We could not go down or the hiking trails were not open when we went. Surely in Summer it is going to be a great hike to the water! 

At the entrance, we were welcomed by a ranger. Fees was $10 which we paid in cash. Credit cards are also accepted but we were told that cash is quicker. The lady handed us a map, information brochure like a newspaper and a warm smile to enjoy the view.

Here are a few general tips which will prove helpful while planning for Crater lake:
a) stay a night before at Roseburg as it is 1.5 hours from Crater Lake. Even better option is Chemult which is just 40 minutes away from CL but there are no decent inns to stay there after a long drive. 
b) carry your snow boots and gloves to enjoy the snow and avoid renting it at the cafe. Sun-screen lotion as sun in snow makes you completely red.
c) carry food from your pitstop to avoid standing in long queue at the Rim Village cafe which is the only cafe catering to all the visitors! Annie Creek restaurant is down below so everyone prefers Rim Village from where you get excellent view.
d) carry water to keep yourself hydrated.
e) if not in a mood to drive the loop, just stop at the viewing stations and enjoy the view. We enjoyed that way as while driving you have to keep your eye on the road so cannot really enjoy the beauty.

Few of the activities besides many that can be explored:

a) Loop around the lake
The eastern side was closed. Check before the loop.

b) Hiking
Check with the office about the trails that are open.

c) Boating
Check with the office if the boating has commenced.

Rest of the things depend on what kind of activities you wish to do. 
Here are a few pictures of the place to inspire you to plan a trip.