Friday, April 17, 2015

Eulogy for my dear father

Dr. A.V.S.S.Sambamurty
09.01.1944 - 12.04.2015
When I had started my blog seven years ago, I never thought that one day I will be writing an eulogy for one of my parents. I have heard often that Death is the only truth of life but I understand the import of that statement now, after facing with the truth of my father. Here I make a humble effort to write a tribute to him.

My father was a scientist in heart and Genetics was his favourite topic of all. It was also the subject of his Ph.D. thesis. He loved to read books on Geography, History, Astronomy and Literature. Though Botanist by profession, he had colossal collection of many old sonnets, original works of Shakespeare and Critics' view of many literary works. Philosophy was another subject that captivated his interest. Plato and Socrates were beyond all of us but he would quote them so seamlessly and would explain the relevance too. Besides books on various subjects ranging from science to philosophy to religion, his home library also comprises of all of the twenty-two books he had written. 

My father was a quiet person and was at ease with his own company. The only people he yearned to be around were his wife and his three children with their respective families. He would wait for our phone calls and a talk lasting a minute or two was enough to satisfy his emotional needs. He always ensured that we were safe and doing well. He kept track of the progress of his grandchildren too. Whenever we used to visit my parents, he would sit at the dining table and enjoy watching them play. 

My father was very loving person and very protective towards his family. He devoted his time ferrying us from class to class and waiting upon us while we were learning classical music or giving our board exams or preparatory classes, so that we receive the all-round development he missed in his childhood. He ensured that we get a solid foundation to grow as confident, self-reliant and successful individuals. My parents worked as a great team for the success of our family. 

My father complemented my mother in most ways and both worked as a successful team for our success. He always provided support to my mother for her growth in the career by sharing the load in the domestic front. When we were kids, I remember, they would prepare laddoos and other snacks at home for a fortnight or so together. We have lasting memories of them working together on household projects which taught us that a family is built strong when everybody contributes their best to support and nurture it. 

My father was always straight in his talks with minimal tact. He cared less for rules which hindered progress of anyone and generally took decisions which were right and truthful to his conscience rather than to please anyone. A trait which can hardly make you popular with your seniors but very popular with students and juniors!! He always maintained that Silence is Golden. Well, there were times when we would encourage him to express himself and he simply said, "I do not have to change anyone or their opinion and it is not my business!"

My father had great amount of will-power and endurance power that helped him get on his feet after many professional and medical setbacks. He would jump up on the saddle recovering soon from the previous set-back. With the strong pillar support from my mother, the recovery was always more easy. 

My father's favourite phrase was "antha mana manchike.." which means "whatever happens is for our good..." Most times it was relevant but many times, we just could not find the goodness but he was always sure that it is hidden. We have to find the bigger good in what happened with him in the course of time.

On behalf of my father and family, I thank everyone who have provided us great support during our testing times and help us through this time when we are trying to recalibrate our lives without him. We will always miss his physical presence and have to gradually learn to live with that but he is in our hearts forever. 

We send happy waves to the world from where he is overseeing our lives and pray for his soul to rest in peace.

Love you dad!