Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Common cold to 6-month old

I am posting this for the benefit of all the parents who go through this experience the first time.

Our son fell ill with common cold just after a week he completed 6 months. It was due to weather change.

Symptoms and his general behavior:

  • running nose
  • cough, made a sound like something is stuck in his throat. Guess its the phlegm which he either used to vomit or pass it in stools. 
  • was active and playing normally.
  • no fever
  • At night, his nose got blocked due to which he found it difficult to breathe. 


First we took him to our nearby paediatrician, he prescribed some syrup for cough and nose and nebuliser sessions twice a day for three days. For 10 years, I have been a chronic asthma patient and was on inhalers and nebulisers. Therefore, I was totally against it for a small child who is still in his developmental stages. But considering that it will take a few hours before we could talk to our family homoeo doc and get the medicine we put our son through the ordeal of the nebuliser. And what a way he cried those 10 minutes, my God!!! After that, we never took him back for another session.

Later that evening our homoeo doc prescribed us BC-6, 2 globules with breastmilk three times a day. By the third dose, we could see marked improvement. Beside the medicine, we were giving him home-made chicken soup and tulsi ka kadha or basil-leaves decoction. He enjoyed drinking both and it gave him relief too. 

At nights, we used to elevate his head a little so that he can breathe seamlessly till the nose blockage got alright. Also, we put nasoclear drops in his nose at night before sleeping for further relief. 

Since it was monsoon, there was large variation in temperatures. At times, it will be humid and lead to perspiration and other days it will be very cold. So, we took constant care that he was properly clothed. Always watched out for sweating as sweating can aggravate the problem. So, I used to put a thin cotton undershirt and then hosiery full hands tee shirt and thick pyjamas. If there was sweating I would take off the top layer shirt, powder him a little and put on a fresh one.

Thankfully, we do not have an air-conditioner. Closed rooms are catalysts for common cold, thus, we kept the room well-ventilated. 

CAVEAT - Whoever is taking care of the baby, will invariably catch the cold. If the baby is on breastfeeding, then mother can take care by putting on a scarf on her face while feeding. But, still probability is high that mother will get it. Thus, better if father remains a little away from the baby so that in case mother is unwell, atleast father is healthy enough to take care of both the baby and the mother! We did not anticipate it and both of us caught cold and realised our folly. 

Medicines, soups, aerated rooms, proper clothing, are all the physical aspects of nursing. The most important thing that the baby seeks during this time is lot of cuddling and hugging to provide that warmth and security. 

This was our experience and how we managed it. There are many other ways and will be glad if readers share their experiences too! :)


  1. I apply vicks to my 1.5+ year old on her chest, back and neck and keep my fingers near to her nose so that she can inhale the vapors. I generally apply just before putting her to sleep so that she has a good sleep. One other friend of mine has also complained that her peadiatrician always suggests nebulizer for her son but the same doctor did not suggest it for my daughter till now. So I just follow the medication he provides. During these days my daughter isn't willing to eat much, I generally prepare tomato rasam for her (avoid tamarind) and serve with rice which tastes sour and easier to swallow for her. I avoid fruits and sugary items, but I am not sure whether fruits really are harmful or good (may be the Vitamin C in them is helpful?) during these times. I am yet to try any homeopathic medicine but willing to try it the next time.


  2. @Sushmita - Hey that was a useful tip about Vicks. I give fruits to my son and he seems have taken it well. Natural sugars do no harm. Vitamin C helps in absorption of iron.


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