Monday, July 19, 2010

Checklist for hospital-bag when having a baby

Now, about the checklist that we formulated that we may need when we get admitted at the hospital for delivery. It took us lot of search and thought-process and finally we came up with our custom-made list some 3 months before the due date.

Initially the list got all mixed up, so we categorized for ease and it ensures that we do not miss any thing.


a) Case file, which includes all the reports of various tests, ultrasounds etc.
b) Registration papers, in case the hospital gives in advance. Fernandez Hospital(FH) said that its given the same day.
c) Cash - smaller denomination to be used in canteen.
d) Credit/Debit card
e) Health insurance card, if there is cashless facility.
FH does not have cashless facility, but they provide itemised bill at the time of discharge or after a day or two of discharge that is sufficient for reimbursement.
f)  Camera, batteries, battery-charger
g) Additional bag


a) Loose comfortable attire while in labor.
b) Slippers
c) Toiletteries - tooth-brush, paste, soap, face-wash, towels, etc
d) Cosmetics - we do not need make-up kit here! Just that stuff that will make you feel more refreshed after the delivery.
e) Four or five sets of underclothing, including nursing bra, nursing pads.
f) Feeding gown - required post delivery while at the hospital. Preferably, dark shades as the first few days, generally heavy bleeding is experienced. For those choosing Fernandez Hospital, there are very good baby stores just opposite and adjacent to the hospital where you get these gowns besides plethora of other stuff at fantastic prices.
g) Sanitary pads - These can be purchased from the pharmacy though, but if you have some preference always better to carry those.
h) Reading material
i)  Music resources - e.g. CDs or players(ipod, walkman, etc)
j)  One or two comfortable outfits to be worn at the time of discharge while coming home.

For the baby

a) Diapers - Purchase size "S" of any brand, the pack of 5 or 10. We found Huggies Dry Comfort pretty good.
b) Clothes for the baby - weather dependent. But considering that the babies are all so buzzed out in the first month getting adjusted to the new environment, a little warm clothes will not harm him or her. They are most vulnerable to infections during this time.
c) Cap that can cover the baby's ears and head well.
d) Mittens
(Since our son was born in January in hyderabad, when it is pretty cool so we had warm wears for the baby. Babies cry if they feel cold and generally are tolerant to little extra warmth.)
e) Keep 4-5 sets of clothing, depending upon the stay in the hospital.
f) Receiving blankets
g)  Car seat or carry-cot style
h) Soothing music, preferably instrumentals, for drive back home.

For the father-to-be

a) Change of clothes - Three to four sets
b) Reading material
c) Toiletteries
d) Slippers

This was our list. The list helps you exploring various things which you may never think of, if you are going to be the first-time parents. Remember pack your bags atleast 2 months in advance. You can keep adding to the items as and when something comes to your mind. But the essentials must always be packed so that you are ready to be admitted anytime after the completion of 34 weeks.

Wishing all first-time parents-to-be a happy parenthood! :)


  1. Jaishrie,
    One important thing in "For the baby" section. Some times mother's milk starts filling up only after some hours of delivery. So till that time baby needs to be fed formula milk. So a cup and a spoon or a sterilized bottle can be packed.

    Few additional,
    -A knife for cutting fruits.
    - Glasses/water bottles/utensils like plates (if not provided by the hospital)
    -Cotton nappies for the baby if you have facility to wash and dry them (preferable over diapers)
    -Thermos flasks, if the house is nearby, to carry warm milk/tea/warm water as and when needed.

  2. hey Sushmita

    Thanks for the additions!! Never came to my mind since I did not use them as my hospital stay lasted for only 1.5 days after delivery.

    Hope more readers add on to the list for the benefit of all! :)

  3. Nice post, with very useful information. When it comes to the hospital bag you might want to have to have a look at because it add more perspective to your list. Thanks for sharing


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