Thursday, September 25, 2008

Permanent Driving License in Hyderabad

It has been a long time that I have posted anything on my blog. Today, I am in an exhilarated mood because of our excellent experience at the Hyderabad RTA office at Attapur.

My husband had applied for a 4-wheeler driving license. First, we applied for learner license (LL) and then finally permanent license (DL).

We filled Form - 1, 1A, 2 for the Learner license (LL) and submitted the following:
a) Address Proof - Rent agreement alongwith employer's letter on their letterhead and
company seal. (We needed both as we are tenants, and we did not have any bill to produce in
our name)
b) Date of birth certificate - issued by municipal corporation
c) Phone bill
d) ID Proof - PAN card photo copy
e) Photographs - 1
f) Fees - Rs. 60

We also carried the originals of all documents for verification which they did very carefully. ALWAYS CARRY ORIGINALS FOR VERIFICATION.

After being fully satisfied, the guy at the counter gave us the fee receipt which we produced at the test center and after half n hour, the online test was done. My husband got immediate score, of course he passed! :)
To our surprise, the LL was issued in 15 minutes. Before leaving, we had to purchase the hologram at the exit and stick it on the LL. It is mandatory.
The LL is valid for 6 months, but we can apply for permanent license after 1 month.

So we promptly applied for permanent license(DL) right after 1.5 months. Again, we went to the RTA office. This time, we followed the following procedure:

a) Filled Form - 4
b) Attached one self-addressed envelope
c) Passport size photo - 1
d) Fees - Rs. 415.

The guy at the counter gave us the fee receipt, which we attached to the form. The fee is valid for only 7 days. Then we went to the Kondapur Testing Ground. The forms are accepted between 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. From Attapur, we drove like crazy to reach Kondapur by 12:20 p.m. We thought we will be lucky to have our form submitted as the counter was open till 1 pm. But there, service time of each form is 5 minutes and by the time we reached near the counter the counter closed, to our utter dismay! :((

So we went the next day and after 1.5 hours in the line, our form got through the counter. The policeman checked our original RC book, insurance copy.
We were again in for a surprise to have our name called after 15 minutes, although we had like infinite applicants before us!!! Later on we got to know that since we were not attached to any agent/driving school, we were called first! Anyway, my husband drove through the tracks. In the first round, he forgot to put his seat belt. Hence, he was asked to give the test again with the seat belt(fair enough!), which he did. And lo! we got the slip with the stamp "PASSED" endorsed on it!!! :) :)
All that we have to do now is wait for the license which will be mailed to us. I hope this last leg also clears seamlessly.

I must say, all through, we had a smooth sailing. It was all done in a fair manner. We were so happy that we did not go through any agent or driving school paying them 5-6 times the amount we paid otherwise. We also found that even though you go through an agent, you need to stand in the line, give the test, then why do we need them. It is for a reason that they test the driving skills of the applicant and I feel, everyone should go through it fairly.

Things to do:

a) Never go to an agent.(You can read it aloud, if you want to)
b) Keep atleast 10 passport size photographs in your pocket.
c) Keep a stapler, gluestick, pen(both black and blue).
d) Carry your originals always. (DOB, Proof of residence, RC book, Insurance copy of your
e) Stand in proper line.
The reason for my stating the last point.
I accompanied my husband to all these offices and while we were standing in the queue, everyone would come and advise me to go and stand in the front as I am a lady. I told them, that it is not my form that I am submitting its my husband's form, therefore, we have to stand in the men's queue. Obviously, we were given queer looks from others for such statements as it seems many do it. But I found it unfair to the other men and I would have got irritated if any woman had done that while we were standing in the men's queue. Luckily, the counter guy also started refusing the forms from the lady line. Applicant has to submit his/her own form. There is no proxy business here!

This is a small thing, but a lesson that our youngsters need to learn. If things are done following the rules and in a fair manner, then everything goes smoothly.
But, today, for short term gains, we stoop to any level! Youngsters are learning the bad traits seeing the elders!

Before I end, kudos to the AP Transport department for making the license process so transparent and hassle free for the citizens! No one will cheat if there is transparency and fairness and they have set a very good example for everyone else. :) Keep it up!!


  1. problem is that you were standing with men i guess. it does not make sense for a woman to stand in a queue where most of the men are standing. that men didnt ask u you to break any rules, just informed you that you could get out of the queuing system fast. As far as the point is concerned that application was of your hubby, then ethically speaking, he shud haev been standing there in the queue. To people, and to the system, you are just an application. They dont discriminate applications based on sex. It's the convenience of public and to avoid chaos, provision of separare queue for females is advisable at such public places where normally rogue and bad elements try to behave indecently with women.

    Suppose, if you are buying an icecream for your 2 yr old baby, wud u still behave like a 2 yr old while eating it or selecting the flavor? No. You would use ur mature brain whle doing that task, be it on behalf of any other person. If you behave like a 2 yr kid, the attendant would defintiely think you are mad.

    Hope you got my point.

    Happy thinking :)

    1. Absolutely excellent reply yaar...

  2. Good to read this.
    Somehow my experiences have been very bad at Bangalore Koramangala RTO.

  3. Sachin, you are correct some of the men were informing me to stand in the lady's queue to avoid the harassment you just mentioned. But despite my explaining the reason, people kept insisting. Secondly, about the application status, if it has my husband's name on it, I should not bypass the men's queue and submit from lady's queue. It is a clear distinction there.
    Think of this, there were still some line breakers(the agents) who would go inside the room and submit their candidates' forms, thus, delaying us who are coming in a proper queue. So it is the same thing if a woman submits a form other than hers, just because she has been given the privilege of a separate line. The privilege is for her submission and not her male kith and kin!!

  4. hmmm. See priority based service has been a key element of the queuing theory and it justifiable. The question here is that whether you should avail that priority based service experience or not. You say that since you were not the actual beneficiary from the whole process, you were not entitled to get the priority based service.

    I guess taking a decision on this definitely demands taking into account the circumstances when you were in the queue. I would repeat once again, that when we enter into a system, then we need to follow it as per its rules and should not imply the rules using our own head until it is causing inconvenience to us or someone else. Having said this, if you would have created a big delay for other men in queue by using priority based service, then your decision would have been correct. But if you were not adding much delay to the waiting time of peopel ahead of you, it might have made some sense.

    Thx for posting my comments as proper comments. please do for this one too :)


  5. I am going this Saturday...Hope the experiences would be favorable as yours...:)

  6. Thanks for this post. After reading your post I have decided to not go through the agent route.

    I got the online appointment at Rajendra Nagar RTA office for learner test. I think this is the Attapur RTA office. Can you please tell me where exactly is it located.

    agarwalmk at hotmail dot com

  7. I wish you smooth delivery of your license as we experienced in our case. Do share your experiences, positive or negative! All the best! :)

  8. now a days, there is common line for both ladies and gents. i am seeing boards like no seperate queue for ladies..

  9. I want to apply for learner's license @ rto , kondapur.But i dont knw which test center it comes under...could u pls let me know...

  10. Some broker took Rs 1700 and gave me learning license for 2 wheeler after making hell no of calls and after 4 months when I tried to call him, his mobile is switched off all the time. Now how should I get my permanent license? These brokers always give lame excuses and are good for nothing. If I ever see him in RTO I will beat him so badly such that the number of months he made me wait will be equal to the number of months that he will stay in hospital.

  11. Hi I had joined Hind motor driving school.They charged me 3500 only for till learners and when I failed in the first attempt. they didnot guide me properly. I went to Khairtabad RTA and wrote the test ,got my Learners license.
    I dont have a car . I need to buy and car and also obtain permanent licence.Hind motors are charging me 1200/-. I dont want to go through them. Please guide me to buy a second hand car and also obtain hassle free permanent license....

  12. Its very simple over there, initially you should have put 100rs in his hand, then there wont be any problem, this is India, give and take is must here.

  13. I went for the LL test..and faced question like...

    Q) Going for a long drive, how many stops shall you take?

    a)stops every 2 hours
    b)stops every 4 hour
    c)stops every time you feel hungry
    d)when ever the duel tank is empty

    q)What age group meets with most accidents

    a)18 to 25
    b)26 to 35
    c)36 to 45
    d)46 and above

    now wt f? these r silly questions...are we researchers on road accidents?

    obviously none of those who went for that day test qualify

    so we decided as youngsters of India..

    "Main barish kardoo paise ki jo tu ho jay meri.."

    Jai Hind

    1. dude even a kid can answer that with proper knowledge, you must have atleast glanced a bit at the manual they give at the rta office. By the way the answers are EVERY 4 HOUR and 18 TO 25.

  14. samething ... i have wrote the LLR test 4 times - and failed all 4 times ... just bcos i did not apply thru agent ...

    the guy in rto office told me ... help us ... we will help u ...

    1. I finished it within a minute. after filling 16th question i got popup saying " you have passed" . i just read the model question provided in

  15. Hi All,

    I have cleared my driving test last week at Kondapur. I drive quite comfortably and followed the rules, seat belt, indicators.

    I was nervous initially. I didn't want to use an agent and was imagining that RTO will fail me for this/any reason. There was a lot of rush that day as server failure previous days ensured lot of re-scheduling.

    My test was slotted 2-3pm. I arrived at 1pm to submit my form and after standing in q for 20 mins was informed at the counter that i can submit only after 2pm.

    Then i went and sat at the stand provided. It was very entertaining, for all, to see people struggle in the driving range. Poor folks all stuck unable reverse/turn and their agent shouting from far. But i was very aware that they could make it anyway, thanks to the agent.

    After submitting the form my turn came and i was asked to take test in the drive next to the entrance. Things went well. I came out parked my 800 and walked to the officer. All expectant. And there was the officer calling for me with the result in hand. No drama there.

    I drove out when faith reposed in our system. Realizing it's the people who corrupt the system and not the other way round. At least most of the times..

  16. Well, as quoted by many, it is surely us who spoil the system. I am not sure of other states' RTO, but at hyderabad process is definitely streamlined.
    Kondapur will come under RR distt, and one needs to go to Attapur RTO. The LL test will be conducted at Attapur while the driving test will be at Kondapur and the licence is then couriered to your house.

    As for those who failed, I do not think that it was due to your applying independently, rather some other reasons that need to be explored. There are online mock tests that will help you in preparing for the LL test.

    AP transport site is pretty descriptive and helpful!!

  17. It is not US that spoil the system. I started out the "why go through the broker" route hoping to show some faith in the system but I am thorougly disgusted. Even a minor flaw in your application is rejected and makes you feel that your education & profession are worthless in front of these corrupt babus. Most of them, atleast that I am aware of tried to get it the legal way but ended up making multiple trips to even get their application in. Frankly who has time. If the officer corrects me for a reason, well and good but finding flaws if I am coming alone and letting brokers through with horrible applications is not exactly the system I believe in. I had to get my driver's license renewed which was issued 20 years ago. When I went for renewal at RTA Medchal, they asked me to get Clearance certificate from my original RTA Khairatabad which was not found in the computer. Their alternative was to get a paper record. Imagine getting a 20 year old paper record from Dispatch Section of RTA Khairatabad, a Govt office. The HELP DESK person in RTA Medchal asked me to get a medical certificate as I was approaching 40 years of age. Nowhere was this rule found even in the Motor Vehicle Act as I am not driving a transport vehicle. The help desk person was just not willing to accept it without that. I gave up and plan on getting a brand new license from RTA Medchal because even the broker was unwilling to help.

    BTW, did you go through the booklet for learner license. It is just awful and unbelievable. Full of gramattical mistakes and goofy questions. Hoping the moral route would get me a DLL this time.

  18. Hi Jaishrie,
    That's good to know that your hubby has gone through the process of getting a licence without any agent's involvement.

    I didn't dare to undergo the process on my own as I heard that it takes months to finish the process and the applicant will be failed for no reason several times. Last week, I underwent the test for permanent licence with the help of an agent to whom I paid too much.. Can you let me know when will the licence be reached to my address?
    When did your hubby received?

    I just wante

  19. @Cartic - We received the DL within 5 days, if i remember correctly. Since we were not at home when it was delivered, we were left a note to receive it at the nearest post office. The next day we went and received from the PO near our office. Wish you receive yours quickly without hassle.

    @ Sridhar - I agree to this fact that not all RTOs are same and Attapur falls under the better ones or more than better where we did not observe public harassment. We are right now struggling at kukatpally for some ownership work, where we found agents ruling. I will write about our experience there once the whole work is done in another post. We are kind of adamant not go through the agent which is what they are forcing us over there. I can imagine your harassment at the RTOs. Keep up the faith and wish that your work is done seamlessly.

  20. Hi Jaishrie, I also have got the LLR on my own without going by agent. And I passed the permanent driving license test also by following all the process. I gave the test at kondapur RTO on 4-Sep,2010 but I didn't receive the license yet. Any idea how can I check the status of it? I am worried about it.

  21. @Anuradha - we received our DL within 5 days by speedpost.

  22. Hey Jayshree,
    I want to get a drivers licence for 2 u think going through the agent route would be good or going through the original system,as i dont have alot of time to go to RTA again n again...moreover,i am free only on weekends.

  23. @PRatik - I am not sure which area RTO you would be coming under. Reason i mentioned this was because recently had a bad experience at kukatpally RTO where agents are preferred and if you read Sridhar's comments above, he also had terrible experience in other RTOs. As for Attapur RTO, it is really streamlined and they encourage individuals to agents. As for multiple trips, even if you go through an agent, you may have to visit the RTO more than once. Best thing would be to visit the RTO once yourself and attempt before pumping the agents.

  24. continuing from above...I went the legal route and started a brand new application at RTA Medchal and got my Learner's license even though I had 20 years of driving experience. All because of the bureaucratic folks that could not locate my paper record in RTA Khairatabad. Standing in line was the worst part. I passed the online test in 2 minutes as I was aware of all the rules & signs. The officers inside were very friendly and asked me personal questions. When I told them my plight about not able to locate the paper record, they were sympathetic of my situation and said that I should have approached them first. It was nice of them to say that but nobody would let me enter the test room without an approved application in hand. I saw folks in line who paid about Rs.700 for a DLL who had not even taken the test nor were they aware of any road signs. Imagine all these drivers on the road. YIKES. No wonder most of them don't follow the rules. I have booked an online slot for Oct 5th for both MC & Car. In the meanwhile I have noticed that even though there was a slot for about 15 - 20 cars & motorcyles on any given hour in the RTA, there were barely any tests going on. This clearly shows the nexus between RTA babus & touts. I wanted to report this in the AP Vigilance Website but this is not functioning. I have also reported this in Deccan Chronicle and saw my name printed against this article. Hope the RTA doesn't fail me because of this. Will post soon after my driving test is done. In the end, I felt happy that I did not pay a single paise and had a great sense of satisfaction. I would suggest folks to do the same. The thing is even after paying Rs.3000 for brokers, you still have to stand in line and go through the same process. Keep the faith.

  25. @Jaishrie:the area i live is Karwan.i think it comes under the Tolichowki RTA.waise i l try to go to rta and enquire.i asked a friend abt this matter,he tld me to go the agent way as tht wud be hassle free(moreover,i dnt own a bike still).
    One more think,thr is no info abt the work timings of the rta anywhr u know anything in this regard.?

  26. @Sridhar - THanks so much for the update and reiterating the fact that agents do not lessen our burden. I wish you success in the driving test and waiting to hear your experience there. :)

    @PRatik - Guess the office opens at 10 a.m. and has a 1-hour lunch break from 1 - 2 p.m. I am not sure if they accept forms after 1 p.m. as they close for their office processing. Best is to be there right when the office opens.

  27. Hi Jaishrie,

    I gave my LL test in august n hav DL test on 1st oct.. You mentioned that it is must to attach hologram on LL, but no one mentioned that to me. I hav paid the fees of DL test online. what should i do?

    thanks for info


  28. @Sujata - This is what the officials told us. Right after the LL was issued we were directed to the place where these holograms were getting issued. It is just to maintain the authenticity of the LL as it is just a printed copy. Well, anyway 1st october is tomorrow, you would get to know whether it is needed or not. :-) All the best and wish that there is no problem.

  29. Hi Jaishrie,

    I gave my DL exam n successfully passed it.. They didnt asked for hologram,I think rules hav changed now.. Besides, i also checked other's LL for hologram. Luckily it was not there..

    Thanks to you I carried all the right documents and everything got over in half hour only..

    Now I really appriciate how useful these blogs are. I also hav experiences to share n will definately start writting blogs..

    Once again thanks..
    Take care bye..

    Regards Sujata

  30. @Sujata - Thats so good that the hologram was not required. Cheers for a successful completion of your DL process!
    Do share your experiences. :-)

  31. Sridhar here folks. I had a driving test today (Oct 5th) for both car & 2 wheeler and it was just a breeze unlike my LL experience. There were plenty of candidates coming through agents whose vehicles did not even carry the mandatory "L" sign but they all passed. I was asked to do both the H & S track driving test. Please note that you do not need photos or any self addressed envelope. Just the application form and vehicle documents (PUC, RC, Insurance)on which you plan to take the test. I had prepared some good pointers on the road test so if anyone needs it let me know as there is no option for attachments on this blog. For folks waiting to make a booking, I found out that if you book an appointment past midnight, you might be in luck and get an earlier date as the system might release any cancelled dates. Regarding the HOLOGRAM as well, I am not sure if it is required these days. Good luck all and go through the system and avoid brokers. Make the RTA work for you.

  32. @sridhar congrats on your license , can you post your phone number or email id so that i can contact you , i have my driving test on 25th of october
    i got few doubts
    well first of all do you have use indicator while you are reversing in H
    is L sign required on our car while taking test and valid license holder beside you in car
    do we have directions like take right take left go reverse or else any one will sit beside us like an officer
    well plz forward the imp points to my mail id and also leave behind your phone number in my mail is my email id ,
    thank you so much in advance

    @ jaishree garu thank you so much for this updates on driving test

  33. please let me know, i have passed my driving license 14-05-2010, APPL.NO.AP009/63827/2010/L but the post has returned back as i was not available at home, i am trying since 4 months RTO office is pushing me from place to place and no one is bothered to response correctly..plz tell me how can i get my DL on urgent basis..

  34. @Anonymous - In our case also the post was returned as we were not at home. But the postman left us a note saying that we should collect the mail from the post office. We went to the area post office and showed them the note and they immediately gave us our mail, which was the DL.

    How did you know that your post was returned? If they left a note, then take it to the post-office as the RTO can hardly do anything in locating the mail. I am not sure whether they will issue you a duplicate DL just on the basis of your Application number.

    I am sorry cannot really help you in this regard, except giving you best wishes that you get your DL soon. :)

  35. Dear all readers,
    thank you for your feedback and support to get my driving licence. Also, I am waiting for my d.card through registered post. I submitted only photocopies of the documenmts which were feeded on the online form. I forgot to attach a envelope. If is not as per the procedure the documents collectiong office / test drive inspector should insist me to attach the same.
    In my case this was not happend. Let us assume that we paid the 25 rupees aganist postal trasaction itself.

  36. @Sai - congrats for your successful completion of the tedious process of DL. Wish you get your DL soon without any trouble. :)

  37. To all of my well-wishers,
    Thank you for your suggestions and feedback in the journey to get a driving licence.
    My question / doubt is regading "convertion to LPG fuel from my existing petrol version maruti car". All LPG / AUTOGAS conversion kit sellers are assuring that the kit after installtion in car will be approved by RTO office without any hesitation / clash.
    Now, I want to know the actual / systematic procedure to install LPG kit as dual fuel for my car. Also, how much amount required at hte RTO office aganist charges to approve this kit in my RC card.
    Thanks in advance to all who are giving suggestions / feed back on this.

  38. I got my DL card through speed post today. Once again thanks to all who gave the feedback / suggestion to get my driving licence. Kondapur and attapur RTA officials' are very nice to interact with people and having very much patience to answer / clarify the queries of the public. Also they made a notice board which are stating all user charges regarding licence, Registration and other forms in clear and easily understood by every one. It is very nice journey / experience.
    Also, thanks to Jaishrie who made effort to fecilitate to exchange views of public regading DL and other issues. Keep it up and continue.

  39. @Sai - Great congrats!! Its good that you also had a good experience at Attapur as we did.

    @to all readers - Thanks to you all who are exchanging info about their various experiences is surely helping many. Please keep up the updation process so that many more can benefit. :)

  40. @Anonymous - Great that you have got your DL without any hassle.

    About the conversion process, even I am not aware of the process. I checked up on ap transport website ( but found no info on this.

    Well, I request the readers if they can throw some light on this subject to help you.

  41. VOW i cleared my driving test today , after driving for more than 10 years with out license in INDIA today i got my driving license ( i hold US driving license) .I had a driving test scheduled at 10am but reached KONDAPUR RTO by 9am submitted my forms to the clerk there he has attached a reciept to the form .
    had to wait till 10.30 for the test inspector to show up , so i spent time walking around the test strip and listening to music . i think the strip was pretty small thank god i did not get my scorpio , i was in maruti swift .
    at 10.30 test inspector showed up i was the only applicant waiting there he gave me a big smile ,i submitted my application with my vehicle xerox documents .
    he asked whether i can do 8 and H , i said yes i can do and i was asking him should i even do U turn in the strip , he was like smiling said no need sir .
    brought my car to the test strip finished the test in less than min i think i was very fast
    got my passed receipt from the inspector
    i was happy because the people in this RTO are very friendly as sridhar said unlike the one in kukatpally rto ( i had lodged a complaint against kukatpally additional rto as my test was not done in time)
    left the place i don't know why i did that but i was racing like mad drove through hitech city i was cruising at 140kmph ( i did 170plus in my scorpio many times on highway's but never in city ) but now this was more exciting to me
    reached home happily to get ready for work

    I would like to thank
    jaishree garu for writing a blog on driving test which was very helpful to me
    Mr sridhar for clearing my doubts

    here is the link for driving test

    I hope no one will waste money on agents to get their license done ,

  42. @sai:i dnt get u regarding the envelope that u said. r v suppossed to carry a self addressed envelope while going to test??..can u list all the docs tht i need to carry for 2 wheeler licence test...(i got my l.l. last week and planning to give driving licence test on Nov 27th or so in Kondapur)

  43. Hi folks. My wife informed me that I had got my DL in mail today. I am glad to hear Anonymous got his license as well. I was in touch with him via email and passed on a few pointers. Good luck to all and let me know if you need more info.

  44. @Jaishree:can u answer tht qs of mine regarding the carrying of envelope..n other necessary docs to be taken while going to driving test...

  45. @Anonymous - For the driving test, we had carried our LL, RC and insurance (original and photocopy). We had even carried our DOB certi and address proof, but they were not checked by the police that time.

    But recently many readers have got their DL successfully, may be you can ask them if there is any latest changes. There is Mr. SRidhar who is providing inputs through mail. Probably you can read through the comments, somewhere he must have given his email id.

    All the best!

  46. @ anonymous , things to do for your driving test

    download form 4 from ap rto website fill that
    your learning license
    your fee receipt ( that you paid money for driving test)
    xerox copy of your vehicle documents( RC , INSURANCE PUC they should be valid)

    lastly a CAR with L board

    you don't need anything else ,

    @ sridhar it took so long for you to get driving license almost 20 days , that's too much , when i found out at the counter he said you may get any where between 7 to 10 days


    same happened for me at Houston US , got my license with in a hour and one good thing is you can give both written and driving test at the same time

    Hope it happens in India tooooo


  47. Hi,
    I have my Drivers' license test tomorrow.

    They have just asked for the LLR and the payment reciept along with your own vehicle. Nothing else is mentioned in that reciept.

    Please suggest what all should I carry there.


  48. Hi Anonymous,
    your own (any) vehicle should always carry valid documents with respect to RC,PUC & Insurance and driving licence of driver / person.(this may be 2 or 4 wheeler).

  49. hi mam, could u tell me wer rta rajendra nagar is??? sorry if am askin d wrong person but am left wid no other opt.

  50. @Anonymous:u can check the rta region on the followin web page:

  51. Hmmmmmm..... thanks anyways.


  53. How many days does it take for the license to be delivered at your home?
    Its been 2 weeks that I have cleared my test. Yet no clue where my licesne is...Any suggestions?

  54. @Anonymous - In our case it was delivered in 5 days.

  55. got a driving license after 10 years and i was not even able to hold it for 10 day's

    i lost my wallet, apple i phone, ipod which was kept in my bag in the hall , i went to jog forgot to lock the main door , but i did inform my mother
    when i returned back i lost all these things
    i am really worried as i lost my DL RC , BOA credit cards and debits cards SBI debit and credit card , my pan card my ID card ,

    hmmmm today is pretty sad day for me , i was planning to take an international driving license as i will be leaving to US in april and i want to get a International driving license as i want to rent a car immediately i get down there from the airport , i will have get a new license there which will take 2 or 3 days
    do they accept IDL along with duplicate license which we will be carrying

  56. Hi Guys, I too have the Track test next week at Medchal, but need to know is it Mandatory to have the L sign stuck on the car during the test(didn't want to get the gluemark remain on the windshield). Do we have to use Indicators while taking the turns, and am gona use my swift for the test do you think it would be a comfy ride. I m skeptical on the U turn, need some suggestions from the experts who already cleared the test, Honestly the new system is lot better for people like us, yeah it takes a while waiting for the test date but its ok waiting than harasement. Hope to get some feedback from my Sr. on the road. But the Online programe is excellent makes life a lot simpler.

  57. Hi Jaishrie,
    In your first post you said that, you have submitted Form1, 1A which has to certified by a doctor. Can you throw some light on this. Which doctor can sign on the form ?

  58. @Anonymous - Great your time for test has finally arrived. L is mandatory. As for the glue mark, it can be removed using colin, if nothing else is available. Indicators are must. As soon as you sit, buckle your seat belt. Since it is Swift, U turn will not be difficult as maneuvering is easier. Anyway, 100 m before taking the turn, go a little towards your left and then take a turn so that you do not have to reverse on the other side and you straight away reach on the other side road. Considering the power steering of swift, gently turn the wheel so that you do not hit the divider on your right.

    And yes, the system is very useful now. All the best for your test. Do post your experiences after the test and within how many days of the test you got your DL for the benefit of the readers.

    @ Arun - There is a counter separate for 1A form attestation in the RTA. I guess we paid some money for the same. I do not recollect the amount.

  59. Hi,Everyone. i have recently applied for LLR and have passed the test without involving agents,you just have to prepare for test, buy abook available at test centre, study thoroughly becoz the questions in exam comes 4m only this book.

  60. Hi Jaishrie, yes I got thru the test, it was at the Medchal Test Centre, I visited the test centre a day in advance, to understand how its done, then the next day I reached early but since my slot was at 13.00 hrs, the guy at the counter said the system will not generate a receipt untill the slot time, finaly it was my turn, Met the Inspector wished him, and took my car for the test, already had stuck the L sign, just gradually on the first Gear I did all the tasks, using Indicators where ever required, I did pretty well, a lot better than all those guys whom I watched taking the test so far, the Inspector marked it passed. But it took atleast 20 days for the License Card to be delivered at my place. In any case It was a good experience worth talking about as to get it on Merit with such a nominal amount. Yes there are lot of Challenges we have to face, arrogant behaviour, waiting in the Q, stupid brokers with 10 applications at a time, eventually you know you are much better & safer than many others on the road, who actualy take the traffic regulations for granted.

  61. @Anonymous - First of all, congratulations for your success duly earned on merit! And am so happy that you shared your experience with our readers reiterating the fact that agents are just fleecing money and to take out time and some patience to do your job on your own! :)

  62. Got my LL done today from RTA Attapur. not so bad experience. I had booked my slot online for 12 noon and i was in RTA office by 11am. the office was crowded both inside and outside of office.

    Process -
    1. Carry the printed form from online application with ID,DOB and address proof.
    2. Stand in counter 3 line – you might want to check this with the enquiry counter. Around 15 people were in front of me and some people tried to cut the line as well. I had to be rude to ask them join the line :(. Some agents too were in the line with a bunch of applications.
    3. Counter clerk issued a receipt and collected my application with other documents. He did not check any original documents though. I had all the originals with me though.
    4. After I had the receipt, joined the line for photo id. This is in front of a room labeled as "camera room". Had around 20 people in front of me and waiting time was 30 minutes.
    5. In the "camera room", my picture, finger print and signature were captured digitally.
    6. Next step - written test. This place is to your right as soon as you enter RTA office. I gave my receipt to the cop (?) or security guy. He called me after 15 minutes for the test, I think he follows his own order for your turn. Once my turn came, I was made to sit in front of one of the PCs , I had to key in my LL number (available on my receipt) and start the test. You are expected to provide at least 12 correct answers out of 20 questions in 10 minutes duration. By the time I completed around 12 questions i got a message "congratulations , you have passed test". I informed the supervisor sitting there. He printed the LL and called me in 10 minutes.
    Total time spent is 2 hours in RTA office , with no agent. Not bad at all.

    I have booked a slot online for behind the wheel test in March. Wish me luck :)

  63. I just gave my driving test at Medchal RTA, Hyderabad. My slot was booked at 3-4PM. I reached there by 2.30PM. Went to counter and submitted my Original LLR license and the receipt of fee paid online. They cross verified and told to meet concerned official to take the Driving test. I could easily complete the test as i had around 3 years of driving experience with out license and paying around 1000 Rs/- to traffic police as fine. All the process went very fine even without the broker. My perm. license will be delivered in another 20 days. Keep faith in our system. we r educated. dont encourage brokers. Just follow the rules and carry all the required docs as this will make the process easy. JAI HIND

  64. @Praveen - It is so encouraging to read your comment to all the perspective license-seekers. We may have to make few more rounds but considering to the fact how brokers fleece the public, its always wise to walk those extra miles ourselves! :) It is nice that you posted your recent most experience for the benefit of the readers.

  65. I have cleared LL test and after 30 days i have cleared driving test too and they gave a receipt with status as "PASS"...but i haven't received my license for a month and then i customer care advised to approach RTA kondapur..then i went and asked for the same but they told me to take inspector approval..this is really surprising me!!!!

    I dont know why they are asking me to take inspector approval after all i passed the test..

  66. Hi all. Nice to read all the above which gives lot of info. I cleared my LL and am planning for permanant licence. I booked online for my LR and planning to the same at Nagole center next month. Can u guide me as what to carry? i am not going through any agent and in the requirements its mentioned that they need a cerficate from a driving school. Is it required? or Do i just need to submit the form at the RTA . Please help.

  67. hey friend gud to hear all your good experiences unlike me. I moved to hyderabad 1 year ago and living in a rented house in kondapur. On my last visit to Rto kukkatpally the officers behaved rudely regarding the proof of address. I gave my electricity bill but it does not have my name so they said that it cannot be accepted. Other than that I have bank statement of ICICI bank. No other proof is available with me. Can anybody help regarding the alternatives of docs.

    Thanks for the help.

    1. Hey priti I just got my LL thru without any agent at RTA, Secunderabad. I did submit my bank statement as address proof and passport for other citizenship and age proof.

      Just make sure you submit a copy of the original statement or if its an estatement get the bank seal on it.

  68. Since you are a tenant, electricity bill is not accepted. In our case, my husband had submitted a letter from the company on their letter head along with the company id photocopy attested. I think you can try that if it is possible.

  69. Hi All,
    I have my permanent license test tomorrow at kondapur. I wanted to know about the difficulty of the test. I know how to drive but I am going without an agent. Just wanted to know how strictly they will be testing. Thanks in advance.

  70. Hi,
    First I need to appreciate the content in the blog.
    Can anyone plese let me know how to go through track 'H' with car. I mean the passing way of track 'H'.

  71. hi
    i have one doubt. i got LLR for motorcycle and LMV. shall i take both the vehicles to give test OR CAR is enough for both motorcycle and LMV. kindly advice me.

  72. Hi,

    I have 2 wheeler permanent license from Hyd. Do I need to again apply for 4 wheeler learner's license (online test) or can I go ahead and give the driving test. Is it true that ppl with 2 wheeler permanent license need not apply for 4 wheeler LL.


    1. No, you have to go through the same process of getting the LL for 4-wheeler first and then driving test within 45 days period.

  73. Hi Jaishrie,

    You are doing a good job of educating people about obtaining License. I had also obtained the Permenant License without any agent.

  74. Hi
    I wanted to know that what kind of tracks for Permenant License test(For Four Wheelers).

  75. Its a very bad experience in Kondapur RTA.I got my learning licence without a broker in the first shot.For permanant licence when i went to kondapur RTA they gave me the tough track(Track 4) to drive.However i almost completed the test but at the end my bike stucked in between two obstracle since the road is very narrow.Second time also same thing happened and i got failed.But persons who are going thru a broker are given Track-3 which is much simple.Also i saw few guy did not complete the 8 shape tarck also.But they got passed.Now i feel that i have to go thru a brooker as i feel that unless i give them some money they wont let me pass.So do u have any broker who can help me out....

  76. Hi, I have cleared my driving test on 8th Oct 2012, its almost a month since I have cleared my test, but till now I haven't received my DL. Please let me know in how many days we will receive the DL generally.

    1. Same here.One of my friend got after 2 month.Any way to check the status?"DOCUMENT DELIVERY STATUS" works for driving also or its only for RC?

  77. I don't know if people had good experience with the RTA. I went today and to my surprise these guys failed me. Once you fail they will tell how to drive in the H track. Frankly the board with signs is very confusing. I drove very firmly but they said that this was not the exact way in which it's mentioned. It's only because I thought that things can be possible without agents.

    1. Don't blame them for your your poor driving skills and not reading the sign board correctly.. I too went there without any agent and passed the test in same H track

    2. Ok. So let me tell what happened the next time. I paid 1000 bucks and I was not given the track which is for those who dont pay bribe. I passed and forget about me, there were people who took 45 minutes driving back and forth, hitting sides etc...but all were passed. So next time you take someone there who dosent pays up bribe, he will get the H&8 track, pay bribe go the track in the open in front of benches, get your license.

  78. New Vehicle Registration at RTA Tirumalgiri Secunderabad

  79. I had a very different experience. I went directly, failed the first time and passed the second time. Then came four month agony of waiting for the driving license to reach me. I was given a speed post tracker number for my license, which when checked in Internet showed that it was not posted. Later, I sent my wife and she was handed the license, surprisingly a speed post sticker was pasted on the envelop, but it was not posted. What I figured out is, the RTO guys are now skimming money by not posting license/RC book and then making people wait. It seems the post office actually handed them over a lot of speedpost stickers, which they stick on the documents, but do not post them.

  80. Hi all, I had given and passed my driving test a couple of weeks back at the Kondapur RTA, however I still have not received my license yet. Could any one help we with any method of tracking the status of the license or any way in which I can inquire about it? Do let me know.

    Metul Adhia

  81. i have 2 wheeler driving license with me. i applied for 4wheeler for the first time i failed. Then & their i left it.after 1 year i renewed my learning license.Finally if i want to apply for 4 wheeler driving license again how much should i pay ? shud i pay just test fees or full fees which i paid earlier

  82. Hey guys, I took my learner's license test for two wheeler today, it went hassle free at somajiguda rta, I would like share my experience.

    1) Firstly I booked a online slot for 16th march at somajiguda, I got there an hour before, my time slot was 11am-12pm.

    2) I had to fill up an application form of II & I even though I had the online printout with me, I just don't see the point of having a online application when we need to fill up a form, nevertheless it was easy, filled it up pasted my recent passport size photograph ( they mentioned three copies but took only one from me ).

    3) Neatly stapled all the documents along with the application forms( online printout and handwritten ).

    5) Don't go to the help desk waste of time standing in queue over there just go directly into the office for fee payment and token if you have all the necessary documents with you.

    4) Went into the office where they give you a token of fee receipt paid after checking your documents, as I paid my fee at eseva I just had to get the token, they did check my documents but didn't ask for originals. They were not checking originals of anyone in my queue line( carry all your originals mentioned in the printout inspite of not being checked ). BE CAREFUL WITH THE TOKEN THERE ARE TWO OF THEM, many didn't notice that and threw the the other as it was covered with some kind of black paper.

    5) After that I went to the camera room where they take a snapshot of you, a digital signature and left hand thumb impression.

    6) Now straight to the test centre, I attached one of the token to the application form ( remember I mentioned two copies of token ), and submitted the form to licensing inspector at the office, was told to wait for some time ( it was about 10 min I guess ) . Then my name was called for test when I was about to enter, the guard asked for my token I gave him the other copy I had.

    7) Took the test finished it within two min I guess, was pretty easy as I already practiced.

    8) After completing the test, informed the license officer that I had passed, was told to wait outside for some time again, then got my LEARNER'S LICENSE.

    It felt nice because I went without an agent and it happened very quickly and efficiently at Somajiguda RTA.

    For license aspirants just check the website thoroughly, you will find questionnaire in the rta website itself plenty of it, enough to gain knowledge of traffic rules and regulations and to ace the exam.

    I feel pity for those who go through agents, just getting exploited and paying them 1000 times more than the actual amount, It took only Rs.60 /- , while agents demand 3000- 5000.

  83. Hi, Can anyone tell me what would be the corresponding RTA for Madhapur location?

  84. hi,
    i need help regarding filling application online..
    as am from karnataka. i have address proff as :> GAS Connection bil, Rental agreement. ID proff > PAN CARD..
    while filling slot booking ::
    what should be filled in permanent address ???

  85. hi,
    i need help regarding filling application online..
    as am from karnataka. i have address proff as :> GAS Connection bil, Rental agreement. ID proff > PAN CARD..
    while filling slot booking ::
    what should be filled in permanent address ???

  86. Jaishrie, Thanks. Your post helped me a lot and gave me confidence that we can get a license even without the help of Agents!

    Inspired by your post I went alone for LL and subsequently for Permanent License & I must say I had a good experience in Attapur & Kondapur, Hyderabad. I was a bit skeptical at first but I was proved wrong as I found the staff cooperative and doing there duty almost as per the standards laid in rule book.

    I'm happy that I didn't pay a single penny to anyone over there. In fact no body asked for it! Signs of a changing India :) Is it? Waiting for my license.

    1. So sorry for a delayed response but I am really happy that my post helped you go through a seamless process without middle men. If the officials follow the rules with no ambiguity then the middle men are not required. It is mostly the confusion caused by subjective interpretation of the rules that leaves the common man clueless! But Hyderabad has really set a fantastic example of a changing system in our country.
      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with the authorities and confidence in the system!

  87. Hi
    I have taken ll licence for 2 wheeler and for light motor vehicle in RTA medchal .should I go with 2 vehicles to clear the driving test or car will be enough
    Thanks in advance

  88. Hi
    I have taken ll licence for 2 wheeler and for light motor vehicle in RTA medchal .should I go with 2 vehicles to clear the driving test or car will be enough
    Thanks in advance

  89. I have applied for LLR ,but by mistake i choose wrong category vehicle i.e;instead of motor vehicle with gear,i applied LMV-NT(Cars).so is it a problem when i appear for driving test.if yes please help me how to change

  90. I have applied for LLR ,but by mistake i choose wrong category vehicle i.e;instead of motor vehicle with gear,i applied LMV-NT(Cars).so is it a problem when i appear for driving test.if yes please help me how to change

  91. Hi,
    My DL Test is on october,2016. Is it mandatory to have a bike to give the test? Or they will provide bike.


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