Friday, July 4, 2008

Millau Bridge - World's highest road bridge

On National Geographic, the construction of Millau Bridge, the highest road bridge in the world, was shown. After seeing this, I was in awe of the engineers, designers, steel company - Eiffel, and all the workers who had equal share in converting this design into reality fighting against all odds of weather, wind, and Physics!! I often wonder, what a sense of success, all those people involved must be having for the rest of their lives. They have tons of stories to narrate! Awesome!

After seeing such feats achieved, I feel that there are many more courses that students can opt for besides computer science. Kids, master your concepts of Physics and Mathematics. With courses like structural engineering, one can take up professions that are mentally challenging. Children and parents, these pictures are not just to admire but also gives us something to think about out of the box!!

Following are some pictures of the modern marvel.
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  1. Amazing!! I saw the documentary too... The structure is just so beautiful!!
    The thought about new career options opens new and unexplored doors... It's exciting to know that these kind of jobs exist too... How many times has it been that we cross a bridge or any other structure and think about what all must have gone into building it and who all might have been a part of making it...

  2. Truly said. Never do we realise that bringing up a structure like a bridge, metro rail system, are all engineering feats!!! I just want to pass on the Millau bridge once and see how it feels so high up in the air!! Will it be adventurous or scary?


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