Thursday, April 3, 2008

Clockwise and anticlockwise concept

Recently I was posed a problem of teaching clockwise and anticlockwise problem to students who have never seen a clock.

I may not be wrong in presuming that majority of people have seen and used a simple water tap. I would ask the students to think how do they open the tap and close the tap.

The students will try imitating the act in the class. There lies the concept of clockwise and anticlockwise.

You open the tap in anticlockwise direction and close the tap in clockwise direction.

I would give students some bolts and screw drivers to tighten the screws on the door knob. Ask them to observe the direction of the screw driver motion.

Thus, you tighten the screws by moving the screw-driver in clockwise direction. To loosen the screw, move the screw-driver in anti-clockwise direction.

These two examples will give good sense of clockwise and anticlockwise direction to those who have never seen an analog clock.

I feel it will also give a new insight to people who have never observed or given attention to such small but very common actions of ours in the daily life!!!


  1. Dr. B.S. ThandaveswaraApril 3, 2008 at 3:14 PM

    There are taps for left hand users and right hand user. Similarly there are right hand screws and left hand screws. Best way is possibly to play a game to demonstrate the movement.

  2. Yes, actually that is the simplest. At times, different tools help different people understand the same concept.

  3. Even the wheel of a car when we drive front it is clock wise and when we take car in Reverse it is Anticlock wise.

  4. Wheel is again a very good idea to use considering that students will be very familiar with a wheel.

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