Monday, March 31, 2008

A movie that made an Impact - "Hurricane"

On Saturday, I watched a very powerful and equally touching movie - HURRICANE. A mind-blowing performance by Denzel Washington. I would recommend everyone to watch the movie or read about Rubin "Hurricane" Carter.

By the way, I am not here to write a review on the movie, but wished to reflect upon the impact of education on one's mind through tough times.

The movie depicts how Carter during his tough times in the jail was fighting against his own evil thoughts. Albeit, he had suffered from racial discrimination most of his life, yet, he always quelled the thoughts that would provoke him to do anything wrong.

In testing circumstances, each one of us gets inclined to take the easy path even if it is the wrong path. That is where our education helps us in giving the confidence to choose the right path in order to sail through the rough weather.

The discrimination power between right and wrong and the confidence to stick to the right is what education provides. Education is not what we study in textbooks, it is the experiences of life that helps us mature and develop wisdom.

Strive to be educated rather than just being an information pool of facts.

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  1. I personally believe that teaching is much more than just cramming up things. These days education is a business and hence people involved in this profession have to be result oriented.

    Onus lies with parents and teachers to ensure that children do get the essence of education and just not score marks.

    Two movies which show just this theme are: School of Rock and Dead Poets Society :)


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